Management Concept

  1. We pursue the core values as "in pursuit of beyond, in pursuit of better forever".
  2. We pursue the spirit as "dedicated, factualistic, studious and innovative" ,and insist on the concept that is productivity and competitiveness.
  3. We pursue the business concept as "customer must come first forever", meeting the demand of customers is the basic starting point to carry out all of the thing for us.
  4. We pursue the quality concept as "quality is decided by technical design", we must handle the matter to right and complete at the beginning, meanwhile advance the standard unceasingly.
  5. We pursue the development concept as self-reliance and cooperation. Keep following of the international advanced technology, and run faster than market demand.
  6. We pursue the management concept as” people-oriented, and the human wins, then wins”. Passion, innovation---keep moving.