Product description

ISRI HUATAI has provided KINGLONG’s high-end HIGER BUS with NTS Seats that can satisfy more than the driver’s demand for its comfortableness, safety and reliability , but also the driver’s individual needs by adoption of international advanced technology.

NTS Seats
ISRI 6860/875 NTS


  • Horizontal adjustment: double locking , operating elements front , stroke 230mm(10 mm×23)
  • Front tilt adjustment: adjust range +4°~-11°
  • Height adjustment(eight steps adjustable); adjust range 0~100mm
  • Quick release adjustment
  • Vertical shock absorber adjustment ( damp infinitely adjustable)
  • Seat cushion adjustment: operating elements front, stroke 60mm(10mm×6)
  • Backrest adjustment: have automatism tooth function, 90°~90°+52°(design angle 102° )
  • Shoulder adjustment: 12°(2°×6)
  • Integrated Pneumatic-system lumbar support
  • Seat size(length×height×width) 635×1160×542mm
  • Connect size(L/R×F/B)216×358(298)(without turntable size)
  • Accessories: armrests seat heating turntable